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Quality Standards

VMRG International has combined expert translators and language management staff with comprehensive quality assurance processes to establish itself as a language industry leader. Drawing on translation industry best practices and metrics, VMRG's quality management system involves project management workflows, client communication procedures, and strict requirements regarding translator selection. Each translation project, no matter how small or how many languages, is carried out in accordance with this strict QA methodology. These linguistic QA processes are fully documented, regularly audited, and continuously fine-tuned based on years of feedback from partners, clients, and vendors. This continuous improvement system allows VMRG to streamline its processes in order to meet clients' needs as efficiently as possible.

Specific linguistic QA processes implemented by VMRG include having a second native-speaking linguist proofread all projects prior to client delivery. Nothing is delivered until it has been quality checked and approved by multiple team members. VMRG International has developed specific checklists for every step of the localization process, including translation, DTP, proofreading, final quality control, etc. As part of the company's continuous improvement cycle, all translators receive regular feedback on the quality of their work.

Thanks to these quality checks, you can disseminate your translated materials with confidence knowing that they meet the highest of linguistic standards. VMRG's well-established working relationships are a testament to VMRG's high quality services. With such a strong record of client satisfaction, VMRG is confident in its ability to outperform the competition and exceed client expectations.

VMRG Translation Confidentiality Agreement

VMRG International understands that your materials may be sensitive or confidential in nature, and we take this confidentiality seriously. In order to obtain access to these materials, as necessary for translation or localization purposes, VMRG is generally willing to sign and comply with any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement that clients may require. Furthermore, all of VMRG's sub-contractors are required to sign and adhere to a non-disclosure agreement between themselves and VMRG, thereby guaranteeing that your content is safe with us!

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