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VMRG International is a Global Language Services provider since 1997, and considered one of the leaders in this industry. VMRG is a trusted Language Services partner for more than 300 companies as well as individuals.

VMRG is the brain child of Mr. Suresh Veluguri, a multifaceted personality worked in different industrial environments. He started his career as a journalist and soon he made his debut in Language Services. On the other end he is an IT professional with Technical Writing background. With his 20 years of great experience he is now expanding VMRG offices into various cities in India.

VMRG International is organizing a knowledge forum Hyderabad Translators Group [] since 2003 which is assisting a big number of language professionals and aspirants to mature their skills. HTG has conducted more than 50 seminars / workshops in India on various topics related to linguistics.

VMRG got more than 50 awards from various National and International organizations for its high quality and genuine services. VMRG won the prestigious International Translators Forum (ITF) lifetime award for the year 2011.

As a company VMRG is always with the clients and we sincerely believe that our words are responsible to reach their targets. We appeal you all to help us to continue serving you with more dedication.
Thank you.
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