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Interpretation Services

VMRG International provides high-level interpretation services for legal, corporate, medical, and government settings in 100+ languages. Whether you need simultaneous interpretation in New Delhi, a certified interpreter for a deposition in New Delhi or phone interpretation for a last-minute conference call with a Swedish client, VMRG International can provide highly qualified and vetted interpreters to help you communicate with ease.

Legal Interpretation Services

VMRG International's certified legal interpreters are available to provide interpretation services for depositions and courtroom appearances in more than 100 languages and dialects, in locations worldwide. Interpreters are carefully selected for their extensive legal experience, language proficiency, and expertise in the relevant subject matter. Our linguists arrive on-time, professionally attired, and fully briefed on the relevant subject matter and terminology. We can also assist in witness preparation for depositions and trials.

Corporate Interpretation Services

VMRG International's corporate clients rely on our team for simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation during business meetings, presentations, human resource training, conferences and seminars, and highly-sensitive client meetings. Our professional interpreters have the in-depth knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skills to convey information accurately and with cultural sensitivity. We can provide on-site coordination and interpretation equipment, so that you can focus fully on your event and leave the translating to us.

Simultaneous Interpretation

We offer simultaneous interpretation and translating services for large gatherings. Ideal for exhibitions, web- conferences, and meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation

Spoken translation and interpretation services in which the interpreter waits for the end of the originating sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation. Consecutive interpretations are standard practice for depositions, trials, and other one-on-one meetings.

Sight Interpretation

Spoken interpretation of written documents by a certified interpreter.

Check Interpretation

A secondary interpreter who speaks up to correct or validate a given interpretation.

Phone & Video Interpretation:

VMRG International offers on-demand phone and video interpretation services in 30+ languages. VMRG International can connect you to a phone or video interpreter in minutes via our easy-to-use, Internet-based portal. You can also schedule video or on-the-phone interpretation for an upcoming meeting or presentation.

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