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Localizing Services

A trusted localization partner with 17+ years' experience in 250 + languages

Localizing your software for multiple cultures can increase your revenue and profits. Localizing the process of adopting software products and related technologies for a specific region or language requires an expert partner with proven language translation and localization resources. Today, companies all over the world rely on VMRG International for expert localization services.

VMRG provides professional internationalization and localization services in all major world languages. For years, we've helped many companies irrespective of their business heights localize their websites, software applications and content for multiple cultures.

At VMRG we provide end-to-end localization services for:


  • Marketing materials
  • Firmware
  • Multimedia
  • Help (online help)
  • Training material
  • Documentation
  • eLearning modules
  • Websites

Strong In-house Localization department

Our in-house localization department is equipped to handle any volume and variety of localization projects, including the localization of websites, software user interfaces (UIs), help and documentation. Our services include:

Pre-localization engineering

  • Resource files analysis
  • Software analysis
  • Tools and processes required for the L10N workflow
  • Preliminary word counts for project costing
  • Pre-translation engineering

    • Preparation of translation toolkits using latest resource files
    • Creating client specific keyword list
    • Locking of any untranslatable content
    • Leveraging of translations memories (TMs)
    • Determine of word counts

    Post-translation engineering

    • Validation checks on the returned translated files
    • Fixing of any validation errors
    • Preparation of files for delivery to client or testing
    • Updates to client's TMs with the latest translations
    • Software building and deployment
    • Bug management


    All of the localization engineering services listed above are enhanced further by Merrill Brink's bespoke suite of automation solutions. Our automation was developed to reduce project costs, introduce efficiencies and ensure consistent, high quality service including:
    • File transfer
    • File differencing reports
    • Preparation of files for translation
    • Engineering verification checks
    • Pre-delivery checks

    Also we can customize our automation process to meet your specific localization project needs.

    For any of above services required, please contact us on 91- 9849970455. We work 24/7/365.

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