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Terminology Management

Terminology management is a step in the translation process that is rarely talked about. However, it is one of the most crucial steps in the process-one that requires precise and careful attention in order to ensure smooth project execution and the final quality of the translation output.

VMRG invests the necessary time and resources to make sure the terminology is well defined before the actual translation steps begin. Specialized jargon in many industries and organizations requires a specific definition and an accurate term in the target language. Once defined, the consistent use of this predefined terminology must be ensured. Nothing is more confusing and frustrating for an end reader than encountering different words describing the same concept. Sloppy terminology management leads to a written document that can cast the wrong image of poor quality on a product or an entire organization.


  • Coordinates the development of glossaries and dictionaries
  • Researches and develops Terminology Databases
  • Edits, reviews, and updates terminology on a consistent basis
  • Integrates terminology databases into Fortis/Semantis
  • Develops and uses style guides
  • Makes available all information to every linguist involved in the project
  • Consistently trains users in the creation and maintenance of electronic glossaries

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