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Scientific Translations

VMRG offers highly accurate scientific translations in over 240 languages and considered one of the India's leading provider of professional translation services for the life science industry.

The globalization of the pharmaceutical, health and food processing industry has led to an increase in the demand for translation services related to medical equipment, medical research, veterinary medicines, agricultural chemicals and human medicines. VMRG's life science translation complies with international regulatory language requirements.

We provide Scientific Translation Services to the following fields.

  • Biotechnology Translations
  • Physics Translations
  • Chemistry Translations
  • Agriculture & Agronomy Translations
  • Veterinary Translations
  • Food Processing Translations
  • Health Care Translations
  • Medical Devices Translations
  • Pharmaceutical Translations
  • Biology Translations
  • Genetic Engineering Translations
  • Earth Sciences Translations

For any of above services required, please contact us on 91- 9849970455. We work 24/7/365.

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