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Terms & Conditions

  1. An agreement is required via email or fax, signed and stamped for all works/projects.
  2. Delivery times will be agreed on by both parties.
  3. All revisions must be assigned within 10 days of receipt of the translation/copy. After this 10 day has elapsed the translation will be considered as correct. Re-styling a translation is not included if not mentioned in the initial brief.
  4. For new clients, we require full payment in advance. If a business relationship (vendorship) has been formed between both parties the vendorship terms will be applicable. Clients who have chosen payment by standing order will be charged 10 days from the invoice date.
  5. For larger projects, 60% of the payment is to be made before the project is started; the remaining 40% is due on the completion of the project always before it is delivered. As a procedure VMRG have to pay the translators the same advance.
  6. A retainer basis is available for continuing projects (for example, websites, public relations or advertising campaigns).
  7. Prices, quotes and estimates are exclusive of service or other taxes unless stated.
  8. If the client fails to pay in the agreed time period the client will be contacted and must make immediate payment that day, if not, any expenses caused in settling the debt will be at the cost to the client. Interest will be applied for late payments and are calculated accordingly to official rates of the Reserve Bank of India.
  9. VMRG International will not be held liable for any late delivery caused by technical faults such as and including modems, server downtime, faxes, email or late delivery caused by carrier services such as post or couriers.
  10. VMRG International will not be held liable for any losses, of any kind, resulting from our translation work.
  11. VMRG International liability shall be limited to the amount of the invoice.
  12. Only written contracts between the parties will be taken into consideration and in such case will be resolved by the courts of Hyderabad, India.
  13. Payments can be made by wire transfer or by an online secure payment using PayPal (If using PayPal an additional 5% is charged).

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